Hello,my name is Joseph Lyons
I have been a longtime fan of  the British Wrestling Scene
I was also involved with some of the independent wrestling promoters during the 1970's

I have assembled this simple website to refresh some of the memories that other fans of that era may also have.
The information published on this site is as I remember it.
Recently,while on my travels,I happened to be checking in at the British Airways counter for a flight back from Vancouver to Heathrow
and I spotted a fellow who seemed strangely familiar to me.Upon introducing myself I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it was none other than
Jhalman Singh Sidhu. I recall that the first time I saw him was at a wrestling event at a place called the Excelsior Club in the Midlands.That
event promoted by local promoter Don Windmill was the very first venue at which Jhalman stepped into the ring
Jhalman was and still is a real gentleman.
As I had a couple of hours before my flight we sat down for a quick coffee and chat.
I had followed his career from his first match till the time he seemed to disappear from the British wrestling scene.
As we spoke I learned that he had  moved out to Vancouver at the end of 1978 and had continued wrestling on and off in the North American scene
until 1987
He enlightened me to the fact that there were other wrestlers of Indian origin prior to him that had used "Tiger" as part of their
 name and there would most likely be others in the future.
On this site I have assembled a few notes about the "Tigers" of wrestling past and present. If there is anyone out there who has more information
and/or pictures I would appreciate their input.
I would like to thank Jhalman for submitting some of the initial material.
Joseph Lyons
June 24th.2006
Please contact me at-
Thank you